Next Week’s Run   Run 2708   

Hares Duckweave and Colonel Sanders

Run Start :  6.30 

Date: Mon May 13, 6.30pm as usual

Location : Refer Run Report and Run Reminder 

Hares: The best that money can’t buy!

What to expect: Whilst the Hash might generally suggest that this area has been ‘done to death’, it is bloody amazing what 2 old and experienced hares can deliver. It can be suggested that ‘whilst the SH3 has been there before, they haven’t see it presented in this form. Virgin territory everywhere, ’cause the hares have swept it clean’.

Bucket: Yes!

On On: Old Favourite  And Wines: ( you may well ask). A range of fully imported reds of ‘substantial weight’, and varieties that most of the SH3 will have never experienced! Premium beers for ‘fringe dwellers’.

SO BE THERE otherwise ‘life will still still be the same’.


The Col and Duck  



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