Run 2715 Summer Run in Winter – Khyber & Wanker at Ingleside


Jack the Ripper’s Run Report   24th June  2019         Run 2715


A Summer Run in Winter !   Wonderful to be back in the bush !

It rained on and off all day, Krud called the President to ask if it was too wet to run ??  can you believe that ? it cost him a down down later.  Cars arrived in the rain at the Scout Camp on Bloodwood Road Ingleside for a 4.00pm start.  There was speculation that it never rains on a Monday between 6.30 and 7.30 but would Izzy’s mate know that this Monday it shouldn’t rain between 4 and 5 ?

To prove a point it totally pissed down from 3.45 to 3.59, flooding the carpark.  It rained dogs which were all noisily impounded next door, the cool kats were all wearing hash shirts and hadn’t come down in the last shower.

Between 4 and 5.00 there was no rain !  it was boggy and soggy but no rain ! How do they do it ?  This Committee is amazing,  extra-ordinary ! 

Our Hares : Khyber and Wanker were a little anxious, not aware that there were another 15 cars parked in the street outside.  Away we went; into bush around the doggy pound, past Camp Kedron, (more Botherers) and down to the creek where we all got one wet foot, stepping in the middle of the fast flowing creek.  Uphill, more uphill, and more…we wondered if there would be some new casualties on our mission ?  Our Mission was to send off God Knows in true Hash style.  At the mountain top we assembled for a very touching ceremony arranged by Wrapper, conducted by Smiley with the Grape Ape providing the naval Ode then Smiley despatched God Knows ashes over the precipice, followed by a minutes silence.

HMS Swiftshore

They have no grave but the cruel sea,
No flowers lay at their head,
A rusting hulk is their tombstone,
afast on the ocean bed.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.
To Harry
You will always be with us God Knows, and thank You for your goodwill and the Lord Nelson’s

The man from Snowy River joined us.
Anxious Hares

Here’s to You Harry !!   (Harry is in Smileys red bag)
The Hares & the Kitchen staff

Back to a welcoming bucket, popped corn, olives and chips then the On On where Captain Bligh with assistance from Bummie (aka Bumcrack) had whipped up a corned silverside and sauce with mash ’n peas delight for the boys.  There were 35 for the Onon, an outstanding turnout for such inclement conditions.  Captain Bligh did a great job with the meal, there were no complaints and no leftovers for Peedub’s next week

surprised us all when he picked up what we thought was Musicman’s guitar and played and sang a couple of songs with everyone joining in.  Well done 777, many talents this committee !

Down Downs for :

       The Hares :

Wanker and Khyber; this territory and facilities are outstanding for us, we should aim to use them at least 3 times a year !

Captain Bligh, Bummie, Khyber and Wanker for a great night

Musicman, Krud and Whiteshit; Music incorrectly accused of Leaking, Krud for being a woose and Whiteshit for being back with us minus intestines

PS  Thinking about it, 2 hares, Khyber Pass and Wanker ?  Definitely at the business end !!

HOME at 7.30 !!   Were Any naughty wives caught out when you got home early ?

YEAR BOOK Details    Please advise any changes to the year book for your personal details or it will be the same as last year.     

advise or now

If there have been changes to your mobile, home number, occupation, Date of birth, address, partner name, email, interests, children’s names, then please advise hon sec NOW, 

New Members :   Please supply all of the above details.  Talk to JTR in need

Coming Events

14th July Sunday Presidents Lunch – Pay Now

Next Weeks Run : Your Hare : Your Choice ! (and my choice too. ed)

Next week’s run starts and finishes at the Thornleigh Curry House (the Posh’s favourite curry joint) located at Unit 6A Central Park, 4 Central Avenue, Thornleigh.

We all know the food will be great and the run will seriously cover virgin un-trimmed bush territory throughout the streets and laneways of Thornleigh

Be there

Please bring your torches and mobiles

Regards and On On   :   Your Choice

Last week a photo of the Beautiful Katie was unintentionally cropped by the dreaded laptop, here she is in all her glory…
Peedub has a lingual issue and the Colonel has a repressed one too !

 ON ON , JTR, hon sec

Where You Went Last Night,   or Should’a gone….

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