Run 2708, Colonel Sanders & Duckweave @ Sanders Park, Willoughby.

Jack the Ripper’s Run Report 13th May 2019 Run 2708
The Run : Your Hares; Colonel Sanders and Duckweave
The Boyz gathered in the park at the back of the Willoughby pub, many were early, excited by the hares’ promises of virgin territory. After 40 years, when will they learn ?…
The bucket was all set up, so some wags wanted to skip the run.
Away we went, a few checks in streets then the runners were into a park and greeted by hair Duckweave and encouraged to jump on the Slippery Dip ! yes there is a 25 metre slippery dip in a park in Willoughby, its down a steep slope. It is a pleasure to report that all but one of the runners went down the slippery dip, they are living proof that the Posh refuse to grow up. Some travelled at speeds faster than a speeding bullet and the camera shutter speed, (my excuse).. a couple were cautious and used their shoes to brake,.. Goonshow used Bucky’s back to brake !! Which created a neighbourhood disturbance of some magnitude. Captain Bligh went down headfirst, hope this is not indicative of his financial management of our funds !! ….. then off we went into the darkness. A visitor on the night from Californication Larrikin Hash called ‘Baa Means No’, (Definitely not a Kiwi where ‘Baa means Yes’); he is also known as Will and a navel officer, anyway he ran and could probably run for 2 days…fit as …..
The runners ran/ walked on lots of well marked trails, through parks, reserves, lanes cycleways and everywhere else, avoiding roads, especially busy roads, just what we Love !
A good winter run using known territory and linked together well
Young boys on a slippery dip ! safety
vests light up on camera like fire-works.
(be safe not photogenic)
We went around Artarmon Reserve and every park in the neighbourhood and a really good check-back which took us between some backyards and under the freeway and eventually home to a welcoming bucket.
The On On was at one of our favourite restaurants the Berempah on Willoughby Road, our hosts worked hard, their usual capacity is 34 and with our tables and chairs 44 squeezed, in though Bucky and some others had to sit on eskies and a couple left. the food was at its usual high standard, the chuiwauwa was a favourite. It was a pleasure to see Mr Neat, aka Long Chance, who is slowly recovering, he drove himself to the onon.
How many hashmen in the photo ?
Down Downs

  • Hares Colonel Sanders and Duckweave

Col Sanders & Wrappa for disrespecting our limited edition 2700
Mad Hatters Tea Party T shirts- Col Sanders gave his away to his
girl friend as a nighty!! (for a naughty !!)

Visitor – US Naval officer from San Diego, ‘Baa Means No’

New members –

Frank Topham,

Steveater (Adam Hodgson) Beijing Hash and

Talbot – the next generation of the hash

A big 90th to Hanoi- the world’s second oldest hashman – his
milestone certificate presented by the world’s oldest hashman
Baa Means No
New Members
Frank Topham, Steveater, Talbot (Sunbeam)
Hanoi, Hanoi at Nash Hash with S-Bends, Arbitrator, Bigamist and Galloping Tarantula
Sick Parade
Wombat is home again after a horse spittle holiday and we hope he returns to Hash soon The Colonel is in RPA Ward 6, having ‘Wilson’ removed from his lung, he will be recuperating at Mum’s at Snives for a week before returning to the far east on
Please note these dates :
Goulburn Weekend Away : May 24-27
Presidents Lunch: Sunday July 14
Past Presidents Lunch: Thursday June 20th Only for past presidents (and some very old members by special invitation)
Toothprick Downhill: Crosslands : Sunday August 18th – (coincides with the monthly walking group- in Payling’s monthly walk calendar)
AGM: Monday September 2nd
Upcoming Runs :
Run 2709
Hare : Grape Ape – Joint Run
Where : Pyrmont Bay Park Pirrama Rd Pyrmont
Suggested : Use your Opal Card on public transport.
Bucket : provided
On On : Pyrmont Bridge Pub (100 metres from park)
Breakfast at the pub, egg on toast $8, bacon ‘n eggs $10,
or the full catastrophe $16

Next Week’s Run MONDAY 20th May Run 2710
Hares: Ayatollah and Changi
Where : Waverton Station
This run could almost be regarded as a summer run in winter.
Plenty of off-road. A few steps, a little tar and plenty of nooks and crannies. Lots still to be discovered around Waverton.
Made for Opal card holders; the run starts and finishes st Waverton Station.

And Onon at Waverton’s super fine Bay Tandoori
Restaurant, opposite the station.
Although we’ve organised a Full Moon, bring:
Definitely run of the year!!
Abu Aktar
Ed note : The Full Moon Hash is on Sunday, also at Waverton Station, (see below) so if you do
that run you could sleep on the platform and be early for Mondays Run
hon sec
Darwin Don on Anzac Day with David Lynch, another para-trooper and former Poshman
Note We are missing one of our new ‘bucket’
eskies !!! Reward for returning….. !
Full Moon HHH Run 333 at 4:30 pm
Hares: Chuck and Icelander
Time: 4:30 p.m. Date: Sunday
19th May, 2019
Start: Waverton Station
Run Fee: $7

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