Run No. 2701 Ayatollah, Jock & Capt’n Bligh at Deep Creek


Rippers Run Report   25th March  2019     Run 2701


The Run :

Recent Heavy rains, threatening skies and 10 men away with the pixies on TicToc’s magical mystery mountain bike tour left us with only 30 hardy hashers ready to take on the challenges of our Hares; Ayatollah, Jock the Sock and Captain Bligh.  

The boys were challenged  !  in the words of ‘Yes Minister’ the hares were courageous.  Setting a run in steep bush country which was pitch dark from 7.00pm was courageous. 

Paddy, Pilko, Copra, Castro, Colonel Sanders and Foxface

It is great country and according to acting Trail Master, Le Petit merde, the run was ‘an oldie but a goodie’, he also mentioned there was a need for him to put down a lot of arrows.  The run followed the special path beside Wakehurst Parkway, then under the bridge and up a very steep hill with spectacular palms and tropical grasses, then into the usual eucalypts rocks etc, Runners did a 7k course back down the hill along the flat and over bridges across Middle Creek and Deep Creek and home.

Trolls under the Wakehurst Parkway

  Lost in the dark                                                                       And then they were found !

The “E”, Wee Willy & Ayatollah

The On On

We stumbled back to the On On and the amazing sight of the Spiegel Tent or Cirque de Soleil in the middle of the oval.

The Spiegel…

Peedub and his helpers had erected a huge green sky held up by an e-shit mast and illuminated by a thousand candles.  It was big enough to protect all our tables, chairs and serving tables, and it was most effective protecting us from the rain which didn’t eventuate.

The meal was very tasty little piglet pork ribs and day-old chicken drumsticks with great salads and potato salad.

It was a night where the fox was in charge of the hen house,  Smiley was off on the MBR and Lightning struck someplace else.

Our new President for Life, well for the life of the night, Wee Willie loomed large in the frame, he told us :

       – He would make the Hash great again,

       – The media was fake

       – There was no collusion

       – This one night was better than the first 100 days

       Wee Willie seemed to be in collusion with ‘Little Sir Echo’ aka e-shit who was up the back with a loud-hailer and some scrawled messages on used toilet paper……(e-shit paper of course) result …

messy.  The boys were bemused but still managed to provide helpful advice, especially Goonshow

Down Downs

       – Hares, Ayatollah, Jock the Sock and Captain Bligh

Wombat, Castro & SreveEater

       – Wombat and Castro for returning to Oz from Canadia and                        Chile

       – SteveEater a visitor from Shanghai

       – Captain Bligh for new shoes

       – Goanna for his Birthday and celebrating 26 years of hashing

Humour was wanting despite the efforts of Peedub and Wombat

Next Weeks Run :  1st April   Run 2702   Last Summer Run

Hares Foxface and Hoarse Whisperer.  (Jungle Jim was but had to pass as he is off to show Australia how to professorially mix cement to Australian Standard XXXX.)

Girl Guides Hut Bobbin Head Road, North Turramurra


Bring : Torches, Water, Phone and DILLY BAGS

From the makers of Mondays Drum Sticks


Whine of the week

 Aldi has a MarvellousMendoza Malbec for around $10——-2016 Piedra Negra.

Deliciously dense with powerful aromas and a great deal of roundness—–Sounds like many Hashmen!

On On .

Phil Glas

 On On


Hon Sec

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