Run No. 2707 Simmo & Flying Virgin at Mosman


Calicivirus Run Report   6th May  2019     Run 2707


The Run :   This weeks run report was written by, Calicivirus as JTR was in Byron Bay holidaying on hash funds.

Our Hares Simmo and Flying Virgin

A large group gathered at the oval next to Gouldsbury St in Mosman for what was to be a cold run. Temperatures have dropped quite a bit lately, but that did not discourage the pack.

A 6K run and a 4K walk, we were told, and they were actually 50% longer than that. No matter. Down to Balmoral, along the beach, up past Simo’s house and on up to Parriwi Rd, then it was straight stuff home.

We did, though, have a check and an on-back. They were for last week, though.

The bucket was filled with ginger ale, which didn’t please the mob, but the Flying Virgin thought it was good. He would.

Then it was off to the Mosman Club for the promised free dinner. I might add, 51 hardy souls turned up for this. A $12 steak was on offer, and we didn’t even have to get up to collect it. That’s called committee management, or prudential skill, hash cash said.

The circle was a little subdued due to being in a public space, but the President held court in the face of interjections and interruptions. DD’s were begun: the Hares, Simo and Flying Virgin. Khyber, Changi, Nomadic and Polish as returners, then Beefeater from the USA and Steveater from SEA.

God Knows’ memorial/wake was held and of course Pee Dub took the sandwiches and put them in his pocket to sell to his tenants. 

Wombat had the arse out of his pants and Dave was from Yarrahapne, or somewhere.

Then a birthday for Khyber who was named ‘çause of being a half arsed halfback. 

Goonshow made a good fist of reciting from a Les Murray poem and the Pres was outed for being at a candidate’s debate and of course asking Abbott a question.(crawler).

PDub’s joke was weak, so he followed it with another weak one ….something about Shorten being an arsehole.

Slack, he was stood up last week

On On



Please note these dates :

Goulburn Weekend Away : May 24-27

Presidents Lunch: Sunday July 14

Past Presidents Lunch: Thursday  June 20th Only for past presidents (and some very old members by special invitation)

Toothprick Downhill: Crosslands : Sunday August 18th – (coincides with the monthly walking group- in Payling’s monthly walk calendar)

AGM: Monday September 2nd

Goulburn Weekend  

                        GOULBURN GOLF TOURNAMENT

  • Goulburn Golf Club

Blackshaw Road, Goulburn  Ph. 48218133

  • Friday 24th May, 2019
  • 11 a.m.
  • Cost $25pp  +  $30 Cart if required (Course is flat)
  • 2 Ball Ambrose     (N.T.P’s – Ladies and Gents)
  • Prizes – Galore
  • Names to Wanker; or phone 9412 1471 by 10/5/2019.  Maximum handicap 36 for men and 45 for Ladies.   Also advise if Cart is required as limited number available.
  • Get in quick.  Limited spots available in this much sought event at a top Golf Venue.
  • Please provide Golf Handicap (or estimate) lie detector may be used

            On On

            Wanker    (assistant green keeper)

Next Week’s Run   Run 2708  

Hares Duckweave and Colonel Sanders

Run Start :  6.30

Date: Mon May 13, 6.30pm as usual

Where: Reserve, Julian St., Willoughby, rear of the Bridgeview Pub.

Hares: The best that money can’t buy!

What to expect: Whilst the Hash might generally suggest that this area has been ‘done to death’, it is bloody amazing what 2 old and experienced hares can deliver. It can be suggested that ‘whilst the SH3 has been there before, they haven’t see it presented in this form. Virgin territory everywhere, ’cause the hares have swept it clean’.

Bucket: Yes!

On On: 75 mtrs across Willoughby, Berempah Malaysian Fusion where hosts Joe and Stephanie will deliver a 5 course gastronomic delight as ‘never before’.

And Wines: ( you may well ask). A range of fully imported reds of ‘substantial weight’, and varieties that most of the SH3 will have never experienced! Premium beers for ‘fringe dwellers’.

SO BE THERE otherwise ‘life will still still be the same’.


The Col and Duck 



hon sec

 On the right is Handshake, he was stood up last week !

the end

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