Run No. 2706 29th April, 2019, Slack & Hand Shake @ Meadow Bank

Rippers Run Report   29th April  2019     Run 2706


The Run :

Our Hares Handshake and Slick were at Meadowbank Wharf to welcome us; they were a little nervous as the restaurant next door which  they had booked weeks ago, was all dark, no lights, no people …….so they worked out Plan B just in case.

The Hares: Slack & Hand Shake

Handshake caused great concern when he announced the run was 8.5k and the walk 6.5k !

Shane Gould Rivercat

Shane gave us a great ride, she still moves through the water with grace and speed, we went past Olympic Park wharf and on to Rydalmere, the boys were getting nervous as Shane kept taking us a long way from home.  This sepia image of Shane smiled at all the crew

Waiting for the Ferry

Poshmen on the ferry as they sat in rows like schoolboys in class.  There were some real people on the ferry, interestingly, they all had No 1 haircuts  !   must be a westie thing, all the No1’s in the Posh are involuntary.

Handshake came with us on the ferry to direct us at the run start and take Darwin back as he was good for 6k, but 6.5k was going to be just 2 much.  Not sure if Centrepoint hitched a ride too …

The runners went off on a 2k loop along the river and back via fascinating factories and warehouses, returning to the start where they started the walkers trail.  The trail from here was along the Parramatta river all 6.5k to Meadowbank.  It was good to be by the river, no traffic, no muggings, no hills, no checks….

There were about 15 who ran/walked the runners trail, including new runners, David Zaman, Frank Topham and Taubman, a visitor introduced by P-Dub.

Le Petit Merde, Music and Changi were also runners.  Tic Toc, your Choice Bucky and Ripper hopped, skipped, ran and walked all the way.

Lightning described the run as long and flat and the checks will be in next weeks run.  The run was particularly well marked.

Back to a welcome bucket and still no lights in the restaurant!  A Lockout !

That’s a  First and a new Hash Legend to go down in the annals;  the booked restaurant stayed closed and left the Posh on the footpath.!  We’ve walked out  to the footpath before, but never been locked out !…. Well Done Slick and Handshake…. Its important that Firsts continue for us, harmless as we now are …

So to Plan B; off to The West Ryde Hotel.  A ‘modernised suburban’ pub with great staff and a good kitchen

 The meals were rated very good +, we had our own area and 41 Poshmen enjoyed the meal and company.   At least 6 postmen didn’t stay for the onon, unfortunate choice, but understandable.  

We went with low expectations…and they were exceeded.

Down Downs

  • Hares : Handshake and Slick
  • Visitors, Frank Topham and Taubman
  • Darwin the oldest and only WW2 veteran who marched in Sydney on Anzac Day
  • Maximus Minimus for his Birthday, an original Poshman, 51 Years Posh Hashing. and the man who brought us the 50 Year celebrations. 


Darwin apologised for his absence next week, as a former Club Captain and Life member of North Cottesloe (Perth) Surf Club he has been invited, all expenses paid, to attend their centenary celebrations.  As their oldest living member Don will be attending the black tie dinner and his date will be the oldest living female member.  She happens to be 90 and is his ex-sister in law !  We look forward to a report on the event !


Please note these dates :

Goulburn Weekend Away : May 24-27

Presidents Lunch: Sunday July 14

Past Presidents Lunch: Thursday  June 20th Only for past presidents (and some very old members by special invitation)

Toothprick Downhill: Crosslands : Sunday August 18th – (coincides with the monthly walking group- in Payling’s monthly walk calendar)

AGM: Monday September 2nd

Goulburn Weekend


  • Goulburn Golf Club

Blackshaw Road, Goulburn  Ph. 48218133

  • Friday 24th May, 2019
  • 11 a.m.
  • Cost $25pp  +  $30 Cart if required (Course is flat)
  • 2 Ball Ambrose     (N.T.P’s – Ladies and Gents)
  • Prizes – Galore
  • Names to Wanker; or phone 9412 1471 by 10/5/2019.  Maximum handicap 36 for men and 45 for Ladies.   Also advise if Cart is required as limited number available.
  • Get in quick.  Limited spots available in this much sought event at a top Golf Venue.
  • Please provide Golf Handicap (or estimate) lie detector may be used            On On

     Wanker    (assistant green keeper)

Saturdays Run –  Goulburn

Please note : A Bus will take all of us to the run start on Saturday morning and bring us home after lunch.  There is no additional charge for this outstanding service and seats will be limited to the number attending

Next Week’s Run   Run 2706  

6th May

Hares Simmo and Flying Virgin

Run Start :  6.30

Gouldsbury St and The Crescent Mosman

(parking in Gouldsbury St or in the underground carpark below the Mosman Club, entry in the lane off Gouldsbury)

On On : Mosman Club 

Military Road Mosman (50 metres from Gouldsbury St)


Yes you read it correctly, Your generous committee has forgone one of our many overseas trips on hash funds to provide a free meal.

This is the Committee which keeps on giving

As Jungle will say : “How do they do it for the Price ?”

            ……      it’s irresponsible really



hon sec


 In a recent survey carried out for the leading toiletries firm ‘Brut’, people from Chicago have proved to be the most likely to have had sex in the shower!  In the survey, 86% of Chicago’s inner city residents (almost all of whom are registered Democrats) say that they have enjoyed sex in the shower. The other 14% said they hadn’t been to prison yet.

  • the end

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