RUN NO. 2705 23rd April 2019 Vale Harry – Thank you & Bigamist’s Joint Run at Sporties – Boronia Park.


Rippers Run Report   23rd April  2019     Run 2705


 Vale : Harry  –  Thank You

April 19, 2019

To the Sydney Hash House Harriers

I would like to express my thanks to all the Posh for your continued support for Harry and myself.

Thank you all for sending flowers. They are truly beautiful and greatly appreciated.  Thanks also for the many calls offering help and support.

I would also like to say a particular thank to so many of you special guys for your ongoing support for Harry over the last few years whilst he was at Pathways, visiting him regularly, taking him out for morning teas and running him down to the golf club. Your friendship has been amazing.

Thank you all so much.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Northbridge on the 30th.



Harry’s Memorial    30th April  2.00 pm   Northbridge Golf Club

Harry, Rosemary, a Galloping Tarantula and an OStrich hatted Mrs Tarantula at the races

Bigamist’s sermon from the mount

The Run :   An assorted group of about 75 runners, walkers and stragglers assembled in the carpark;  including Harriettes, Northern Beaches Wanderers, Larrikins and about 25 Poshmen.   Bigamist, your hare, worked hard,  he set the walkers and runners trails on his own  !  These days it can take up to 3 hares to set a run. 

The Gladesville Sports Club erected a special stone pedestal from which Bigamist lorded it over us and announced;  he didn’t know how long the run was however walkers who walked the runners trail would take longer than the runners.  So Profound.

Away we went :   The runners went off to Field of Mars, then rejoined the walkers to trek through Burrows Park and plenty of local streets, see the maps for the fine details, the runners were back in about an hour,  the walkers trail was about 3k which seemed just right for the night.

Map 1… X Marks the start.
Map 2, when you’ve finished Map 1 go to Map 2.


Lizard with unknown soldiers on trail.

Hill of Grace brought 2 Knees XXXX out to play

– Captain Knockers and visitor Roger, (apologies for the quality of the photo however the camera got all misty at the sight of Captain Knockers)

Jungle brought his mate Roger from Melbourne for his virgin run

Starters included; Bumcrack, out and proud, Druid, Calicivirus, Your Choice, Duckweave, Flying Scotsman and 777.

The On On

The Club food was good, Steak special for $13 was hard to beat.   Yackity beat it with his 5 ringed Brontosaurus steak.  We shared our exclusive dining area with lots of other members, some of whom were very loud during the down downs,  Can you believe the Hash would find other people noisy !  Its supposed to be the other way around

Yakkity Yak fought with a  5 ringed Brontosaurus steak, and won

Smiley gave Down Downs to :

Lightning as stand-in hare as Bigamist had to leave early to rest.

Birthday Down Downs for

– Simmo  who was awarded his OBE last Saturday.
(Over bloody eighty) and 47 years of hashing

            – 777 who is a gold star committee man, and he organised the beer for his own down down


Peedub told a joke and Darwin Don provided a toe by toe description of the defecatory adventures of a 96 year old

Anzac Day ; a couple of our marchers,  couldn’t find you Bucky.


Please note these dates :

Goulburn Weekend Away : May 24-27

Presidents Lunch: Sunday July 14

Past Presidents Lunch: Thursday  June 20th Only for past presidents (and some very old members by special invitation)

Toothprick Downhill: Crosslands : Sunday August 18th – (coincides with the monthly walking group- in Payling’s monthly walk calendar)

AGM: Monday September 2nd

Goulburn Weekend  24 -27 May

Payment has been received for 60 Posh and Partners; hoping that includes YOU   (or pay Cap’n Bligh $80 pp before final numbers are provided to caterers).

Please note : A Bus will take all of us to the run start on Saturday morning and bring us home after lunch.  There is no additional charge for this outstanding service.  (Thoughts of – How do they do it …)

Next Week’s Run   Run 2705  

Hares Slick and Handshake

6.30 SHARP    – to catch ferry !!

Meadow Bank Wharf   Bowden St, Meadowbank.

Torches, OPAL Card

On On Medrock Bar and Grill  (close to wharf)

See hares promotion next page

Be there, for what will be a Great Run and a Great On On.

On On


On Sec

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