RUN NO. 2703 Gladesville Plunger & Not Nigel

Rippers Run Report 8th April 2019 Run 2703
Reminder : If YOU haven’t already paid Capn Bligh, $80
pp for your Goulburn Weekend then Please pay NOW :
Hash BSB 112-879 Acc 154706831 and your hash
The Run :
It was a hot night in April as the carpark in Gladesville filled with mature age men of amazing agility and girth. Plunger is known for tough runs, and it was tough love he gave us….. It was an excellent turnout, 48 runners including 3 visitors. Everyone was there including Bruce the Goose, Pedantic Circumlocution, Grape Ape, Wombat, Foxface, and XXXX . We missed Jungle, he’s still travelling around Australia showing them how to make better cement; one tablespoon of lime, one dessert spoon of water etc (He must make a mess of Di’s kitchen.)
Then we were off up and down local streets then around the new rehab centre which is massive and provides outstanding service. About halfway we got to the water and ran back along bay and riverside paths, past many mansions until heading for home.
It was around 8k for the runners, 90 minutes for old run/walkers who did the runners trail, and 70 minutes for some walkers on the walkers trail.
A good distance, we need a decent workout.
The end of daylight saving meant this was our first road run of the year, and many noticed the hard surface after softer bush trails all summer.
Your Hares :
Plunger and Not Nigel
Where we went, or where you may have been, in the ‘hood.
The On On
The Oriental Star was the venue, modern fit-out, traditional food. The boyz rolled in; the place filled up, they have never had 48 guests before ! More chairs found, finally we are all in …..and hungry….
singing starts….”Why are we waiting ?” The hares wriggle
uncomfortably and try not to hear…….
The restaurant has never before served a full house all at the same
time….The Boyz have been spoilt, all summer, by their Committee; the Magnificent Seven who have served food when they want, where they want and its been What They Want ! They have never had to wait,…. get used to civilisation boyz !
Finally food comes, Lamb, then pork, then something else; there is
quiet … normality…..All is forgiven..
Darwin and his minder intimidate troublesome
recalcitrants and restore order
Down Downs
Hares -Plunger & Not Nigel for the best winter run -so far!
Visitors –
Seedless from the Capital Hash –
Golden Shower – many hashes whose address is a station wagon
(and preference is Goonshow)
John – a neighbour of Plunger and Slick virgin run
Duckweave – for finding Gaida Coote with Pilko
Krudd- for some underwater kayaking
Above Seedless and Golden Showers which one ?
John Paddy
Humour :
Peedub and Tic Toc told jokes, Bummie (aka Bumcrack) read a
long list of chinese fortune cookie riddles which he found very

Next Weeks Run : 17th April 6.30pm Run 2703
Hares : Rucky Dip and eshit
Run Start :Catholic Church, Corner Miller St and Ridge St; North
Sydney Parking in the church carpark off Ridge St and in the catacombs under the church.
On On : on site
Eshit has arranged for communion wine and old biscuit to feed us
and an ecumenical blessing from our favourite cardinal who is
currently having a little holiday. Rucky Dip is arranging a chinese
spectacular extravaganza gourmet meal with watermelon.
And we will all receive a special surprise gift.
Win this Champagne at the AGM for the best Run Promotion of the Year.
Promotion must be to On Sec 7 days before your run. (Prize still available; as no eshit received from eshit)
On On
On Sec
Greens supporter, if there is one, do not be offended, editor considers this statement applies widely in the political arena
The Four Stages of Life

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