RUN NO. 2700 Cast of thousands at Armenian Club, French’s Forest

Rippers Run Report 18th March 2019 Run 2700
Bigger than Ben Hur …That was Monday night….
At 5.30 they started arriving at the Armenian Club, French’s Forest, all 115 hashers, wonderful to have so many friends to share our Birthday and the Mad Hatters Tea Party. There was a beauticious bunch of Harriettes and a couple of hairy larrikins, Dr Sue brought a handful of Brazilian tourist friends; hope they enjoyed our indigenous antics.
The Posh got T-shirts and the guests admired them ! (it was in the fine print !)
Your Hares : Lightning and Moishe.
Lightning announced there was a run and a walk, he was prepared for rain, in which case he and Moishe would have been live hares . And we were off into the wilds of Frenchies Forest.
Pre Run Assembly
Plunger, the official run commentator at the ceremonials said the run was amazing it had some ups, some downs, and some flat
areas in between.
The On On
George, the diminutive chef at the Armenian Club was excellent, he cooked skewers of wallaby, koala and goanna, supplemented with traditional Armenian fare, it was a delicious meal.
Down Downs :
The hares : Lightning and Moishe
The Temporarily Infirm :
Lost Patrol, XXXX and Mr Neat. Welcome back men.
The return of Bigfoot:
Bigamist and Colonel Sanders found Bigfoot, abandoned as road-kill by Carefree and Kitty Litter, half way into it they nursed him back to health. Once again Bigfoot will work with discerning hares laying trail and being a regular hash hero.
Darwin Don Happy 96th Birthday
Special message from Wagga Rod and a cake presented by
Hell Raiser and Sex on Legs Fussy Not Desperate : Leaving town, going north

Then : The Mad Hatters Tea Party
This Tic Toc / Kitty Litter production was another outstanding production with the usual Posh suspects and Alice in Wonderland, Minnie Mouse and some.

Correspondence has been received claiming irregularities in last weeks run report of the 2012 run report by Major Disaster
As a dedicated reader of this worthy document, I like to ensure that
our members are indeed receiving an accurate replication of facts
tendered. re: run reports……02 January, 2012, in this week’s run report..
There was no run on Monday, 02 January, 2012. It was on Tuesday,
03 January, and was at Boronia Park, with the On2 at Il Bolognese.
I can find no trace in the surrounding years of the run mentioned in
the report.
I would never doubt the veracity or good intent of your report, but
will stand corrected if necessary.
Could it have been Mon 09 January, when we were at Mundowie Rd, Mt Kuringai?
Your dedicated reader.
(Editors Note : This must surely be the first time that pillar of rectitude, Major D, has been challenged and found wanting. No correspondence will be entered into Major.)
Over ….

Next Weeks Run
25th March 2019 Run 2701
Hares : Ayatollah, Jock the Sock and Captain Bligh
Where : Deep Creek Reserve, North Narrabeen
(not Middle Creek or upper and lower middle creek as Ayatollah advised at the 2700th party)
OnOn : On Site: Captain Bligh will amaze us with his culinary creativity
Bring : DILLY Bags, TORCH, Phone and water

Coming Events :
Full Moon HHH Run 331 at 4:30 pm
Hare: Next Week and All Fours
Time: 4:30 p.m. Date: Sunday 24th March, 2019
Start: Car Park near to Naremburn Pizzeria
300 Willoughby Road, Naremburn
On On
Hon Sec, JTR

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