RUN No. 2698 Wrappa & Pilko at Ingleside

The Ticcer Ripper Run Report 4th March 2019 Run 2698
The Run :
Our hares; Wrappa and Pilko
Wagga on a mission from God (his boss in Bris) found old 1967 rival, Lurch, and the two reenacted Run #10. No winner declared
Whiteshit brought along his alter ego just a shirt & half a short…but
he was BACK.
After triumphantly embracing the Trig, Triple 7 then sent a triumvirate of top runners to practise crucifixion hanging for the forthcoming Easter celebrations (Payling, Hoarse..and
Goanna). Mapper Wrappa produced a pretend route(map) that was just something to hold on the run..little detail. But on the up side the trail was excellently marked and featured fresh access in the first half courtesy of the boys’ trusty machetes, scythes & sickles.
However the trail did pass the spot on which we lost Garbage.. sad
memories for us all.

The OnOn beneath the familiar Ingleside scout shelter provided
the perfect setting for 45 hungry Hashers to enjoy Pilko’s Neil Perry
inspired grilled Tasmanian salmon, accompanied by his signature
salad of fresh vegetables, rice and pasta. Dessert of light lemon
cheesecake or chocolate with Australian grown ice cream.
In the absence of PreSmiley, holidaying on the Sth coast,
Lightning took charge, bolting to the dais. DDs for the Hares,
returnees Khyber, Lurch, Wagga (who the cuisine team Pilko,
Wrappa, and the indefatigable Molly. Also birthday greetings were piled on Your Choice and Ayatollah..who await the full
citations next week.
Capt Bligh is seeking the supplier of funds for the weekend away or
the 2700th from someone whose initials are IMB (but not Ian
Marvin Booth). Revealed that Mr Neat has paid twice ..which is nice.
Bunny was perplexed, but in good humor when he realized he was
among friends.
Humor featured His Holiness, and the one true church (PeeDub &
TToc) and a bundle of bon mots from Bumcrack.
Cardinal Copra concluded another first class evening of
debauchery donning his carefully tailored cincture and chasuble to advise that despite his uncanny resemblance to a certain church eminence He expects to be free to lord it over next week’s run.

Up Coming Runs
Monday 18th March Posh 2700th Run- Pay now $30 !!
pay cash to Cap’n Bligh next Monday nights or pay online
to the Hash A/c BSB 112-879 Acc 154706831 + your
hash handle ..

Next Weeks Run : 11th March Run 2699
Hares : Cinderella and Copraphillia
Where : St Ives Showground
On on: on site ….. (I assume)
Copraphillia has advised the above comprehensive promotional information Bring Torches, phone and water and DILLY bags.
Happy Birthday to Wrappa & God Knows…seen here regaling
Northbridge Golf Club members with a fund of stories and
anecdotes. Also pictured less clearly is BTG’s NGC member’s
number that, had he been there on the occasion would have
provided him with a stack of other funds from the badge draw
Hon Sec JTR
Moving right along

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