RUN NO. 2697 -25th February 2019. Calici & Ian

Rippers Run Report 25th February 2019

Run 2697 Gentlemen,

The Run : Our hares; Calicivirus and Ian Allan, Calicis mate; and ours for the Booklyn Classic every year. We assembled at Parsley Bay, Brooklyn hoping for an adventurous run, the weather was perfect, the barges arrived like clockwork. Our hare Calici drove down the launching ramp, his car is not amphibious, though his action aroused our curiosity; he was delivering the bucket.

We boarded, our drivers eyes lit up when he saw beer being loaded on board, and away we went at 30 kph ! Those oyster barges move fast; faster than oysters ! We flew down the Hawkesbury till Lion Island and the Tasman sea loomed large, then we went left into the Broken Bay National Fitness Camp where we landed on the beach, landing craft style, sort Gallipoli re-enactment however instead of Turks we had bush turkeys.

Off the beach and into the wilds. Up, up and up we went, a very steep climb. The country was beautiful, we all spoke of the natural bush beauty, tall eucalypts, including many angophoras, and fairly open county underneath with rich tropical plants and magnificent rocks. A good check back at the top put the fast walkers in front; Moishe and Ripper; Scotsman soon powered through. Bummie wisely decided to turn back rather than face more unknowns than Rummie. Payling and TicToc took some great photos which are included in this report, thanks boys.

Our Trailmaster for the night was Plunger; Lightning was kept in by Johnno’s schoolmistress who kept him back for some ‘special disciplinary coaching’. The trail master, Plunger was a Mussolini man, he checked out the front while it was safe, then he directed the run from the rear. Plunger made sure there was no one left on the track and finally just as the bucket was nearly over, he brought in a few prisoners; including Smiley and his mate, Ian Symington. Thanks Plunger for helping out. One of the best things about the Hash is : when you ask for help its always given generously.

We ran along the ridge through big rocks until a very steep descent into the national fitness camp and then back along the beach Back to the warm bucket, such a balmy night in an exceptionally isolated place. People travel half way round the world on their annual holidays to experience what we did last night…. that is special. It was a short run, in a special place. Calici tried hard to make it longer, still it was a run we should never forget….this with the OnOn is the best of hashing.. Thanks Calici and Ian

The sexiest girl on the night has a joystick and 4 wheels Leaving Brooklyn and below; Gallipoli Landing The Boosch lost backpackers On the Beach Heading home

The ON ON It was back to the same cafe as previous years where we are always cared for : The trailer was on site and we all sat at our tables on the pavement outside, Our numbers grew there were about 35 on the boats, then about 39 at the On On. Darwin, and Hanoi decided to pass on the boat ride. Molly stayed with them and introduced them to the evils of drink at the Anglers Rest. Yakkity Copraphillia and Wanker arrived too late for the boats !! Yakkity stayed but the others trained home to avoid our advice….

On arrival Darwin had scraped his arm and removed skin. Molly’s ‘friend’ Di (nurse Nancy) collected supplies and came to Brooklyn to dress his wounds. That’s very special, Thank You Di.

Dinner was pies, salad and quiche for real men. The lamb and rosemary pie was delicious, everyone seemed happy. Molly announced that Darwin has cancer in his lymph gland and is receiving chemo, he is still expected to make 100 and will not let us down !

Down Downs President Smiley gave the following

• Changi for returning after 3 months with a broken foot bone

• Sheep Dip – after illness

• The Hares Calici and Ian Allan


• Ian “Symo” Symington – Smiley’s mate from his Whacker golfing group

• David -Lightning’s mate – his second hash run – great to see you back again

• Gregg Kett – Music’s mate and another Porch driver

• Warwick Behag, an employee of TicToc ! and MBR’er

• Birthdays Wrappa – president of the Crappa’s Bumcrack for joining the Manfred Club and turning 80 last Sunday

and there we were in the street having a wonderful time

Upcoming Events

Wed 27th Feb Harriettes 40th Anniversary … End of Robertson St Narrabeen On On : Sand Hotel Cnr Pittwater Rd and Robertson St

Monday 18th March Posh 2700th Run- See Flyer below, Pay now $30 !! pay cash to Cap’n Bligh on next 2 Monday nights or pay on-line to the Hash A/c BSB 112-879 Acc 154706831 + your hash handle ..

Next Weeks Run : Hares: Wrapper and Pilko Location: Ingleside scout camp, Bloodwood Road, Ingleside. 6.30 pm. Territory: ” I love a sunBURNT country” Bring Torches, phone and water and DILLY bags. On on: on site Master Chef Pilko will be barbecuing a special healthy surprise

Somelliers Sniff : by Phil Glass Highly recommended : 2016 Longhop Old Vine Grenache. Full flavoured with dark cherries,earthen spices and silky tannins——A Ripper! Available from Different Drop for $19 For an amazing $6.99 Aldi also have a great wine from Chile. 2018 Luis Felipe Edwards Carmenere,a red variety big on smooth blckcurrant and cherry fruit characters. At the famous G3 lunch on Friday courtesy of Sommelier Swampy a 2017 Villa Pozzi Nero Davola from Sicily got the “thumbs up” as being an excellent bargain at $8.50 from Dan Murphy. Great mouth feel and smooth savoury tannins!

ON ON Hon Sec

More on Goonshow : After 40 long years Hashing: crumbling a bit, uneven round the edges, soft in the centre (but with a heart of gold), leaning slightly to the left. Some would say cheap, too..but not us…after that nutritious anniversary cake, encrusted with Smarties of all things, and accompanying 100 year old port sporting perished cork and upended ullage. Congrats to the Goon..

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