Run-No-2696 Flying Scotsman, Goonshow & Little Shit at Morgans Rd, Model Aero Club

Run Report 18th February 2019 Run 2696
The Run : It was an action packed program; starting with an emergency call from Little Shit requesting an email to all poshmen to close the gate after entry to the Warringah Radio Controlled Something (WRCS). Email sent; then LS worried that not all can read emails so he posted himself at the gate, as a security guard, to stop native animals
leaving by road; given there are no fences they had other options.  On arrival, trailer is being set up and eshit (it was quite a shitty night) is assembling his own model aeroplane, a few screws loose and away he went, his plane was quite a good lawn mower as it scooted through the grassy field, …many times. Finally it yawned up 6 feet in the air and nose
dived, broken.. ho hum, eshit lived to fight another day, the plane is hoping for a good hospital and a new owner. see photos at very end !

Back to the run;
The hares were Goonshow and Flying Scotsman and maybe Little Shit; there was uncertainty whether Little Shit was involved but the boys said he kept turning up and telling them what to do !
Goonshow gently informed us that there were not 3 but 4 runs ! a very short walk, a short walk, a walk and a run and away we went up the entry road, then it was bush, boosh and boosh Hanoi Bill and Copaphillia were testing each other, Copra’s walking sticks
gave him an advantage. Foxface was out for a go. Krudd was arriving in his car when we were at the top of the hill.

Some walkers; TicToc, Ripper and visitor David; walked the runners trail and took 95 minutes to stagger home, a short trail of 8.9k’s. A Great run Great country and the best laid trail, there was flour, arrows or paper every 30m the whole way round….perfect, we can all do this….please… keep your mates on trail except for checks.

Notice.. Bigfoot has gone off the reservation !! We think he may have felt abandoned after a recent run in the Mosman area Some Poshmen have volunteered to clone Bigfoot and this would be welcomed, even by Bigfoot who would sometimes enjoy a Monday off with his mates.
Best part of the run was the last man in was Lightning ! He had been shepherding some walkers, then decided to do the runners trail to get in a good run, and can you believe ?? he got lost !! Fantastic.

1. Captain Bligh organised a fantastic meal of pork things, pulled wallaby, and amazing
salads that he himself made personally. !! With Goonshow & LS.

Followed by
2. Smiley from Returning from Crescent Head
3. Visitors – Frank & David ( Lightning’s horsey
mates) & Malcolm ( mates with E Shit/Krudd/
Wee Willy & Plunger) Very welcome, come again.
4. Hash Pal – Nautilus returning from Diamond Head (near Forster
Tuncurry) and Pilko for receiving an RFS award recognizing his
many years of service helping the community & environment.
5. Hash medical report- Lost Patrol, White Shit, Sheep Dip & 4X
6. Goonshow for 40 years of hashing – in HK H3 & SH3 – presented
with Certificate of Achievement
7. Peedub for his Birthday tomorrow and 41 years of Hashing and being the best puller in the Hash, of the trailer that is….
An Unsung Hero of the Hash is 777.
He is the Trailer Master, and has everything organised every week that we have the trailer, and he does the OnOn beer, Dont forget to thank him, he is gold.
Upcoming Events

Wed 27th Feb Harriettes 40th Anniversary … promo coming
Monday 18th March Posh 2700th Run- See Flyer below, Pay now $30 !!
24-26 May SH3 Goulburn Weekend – 56 have already booked:
Please note : Accommodation, The only recommended accommodation remaining is the Goulburn Central Motor Inn (The Astor Suites and Goulburn Motor Inn are fully Booked)
Call Ms Sam at Goulburn Central Motor Inn phone 02 4821 1655 to secure your bed now Cnr Auburn & Verners Street, Goulburn Standard Rooms $99 for 1 person, $105 for 2 people Deluxe rooms $105 for 1 person, $129 for 2 people And Pay Hash Cash BSB 112-879 Acc 154706831 + your hash handle ..$80pp for Goulburn and $30 for 2700th Run, have you fucking booked yet ? R U sick of these messages ? just fucking do it !

Next Weeks Run MONDAY, 25 FEBRUARY. Run 2697
Presented by those hardy mariners, MASTER BATES and SEAMAN STAINS.
The oyster barges will leave sharp at 18:00 hrs from the boat ramp at the end of George St, Parsley Bay. Arrange to arrive at Brooklyn by 17:30 hrs.
From the station walk up the side of the Welcome Inn pub and follow the road around to the left and down to the boat ramp. Plenty of parking is available there.
Remember, we depart at 18:00 hrs sharp.
We have secured 2 barges and a banana boat, so plenty of places.
Bring a change of clothes. NO dilly bags.
Dinner is within walking distance and the station is then across the road.
So see you there for the annual BROOKLYN CLASSIC.
Bring phone, torch, water

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