Run No. 2625 -9th October 2017

Slick’s Unleaded Run Report

It’s certainly been something of a sad time this week Gentlemen
 Fox Face was diagnosed with cancer. (our thoughts & prayers are with you Roger)
 There was another mass shooting in the USA. (but thankfully not in Phoenix)
 Holden won the Bathurst 1000. (just where was this car manufactured?)

This week’s Run No 2625 started and finished at the Austrian Club in Frenchs Forest. The Hares for the evenings run were Little Shit & Goon Show

  • Little Shit meaning The Urban Dictionary defines Little Shit as a term of semi-endearment and or semi-dislike for someone who is somehow annoying but there is also something about them that is both likeable and agreeable. logic don’t know exactly know how Andrew came by this hash tag so I’ll leave this one alone!
  • Goon Show meaning this was a popular British radio comedy which first aired in the 1950s featuring Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers & Harry Secombe. The surreal style of humour used on the show is widely regarded as a precursor to Monty Python’s Flying Circus. logic Jeremy originally had a different hash tag but it was noted that he was prone to the occasional, John Cleese Faulty Towers style, outbursts at hash meetings to which a certain Hash member would reply “come on Jeremy not the Goon Show again” and eventually the new name stuck.

Last week Little Shit promised 1km of virgin trail and Goon Show hinted that this week’s run was going to be pretty tough! Our hares had arrived suitably early and could be seen sitting back relaxing in collapsible fold away chairs as the Hashmen arrived for the run.  So without too much fanfare our trail master White Shit led the 30 plus pack off to a fairly slow start because some of our star performers were either overseas or on sick leave.  The trail was agreeably well marked in a lot of areas but annoyingly sparsely marked in others!

About two thirds of the way around the trail there was a real ball breaker of a check back (some dark humour this) which led the runners down a steep gully to the water at Bantry Bay before having to turn around, come all the way back out, and find the real trail again.  The first runners back completed the trail in about 75 minutes and the walkers started to trickle back in 10 minutes later.  Last light was at 7:25pm and there was no sign of the moon in the sky so this meant that a fair portion of the trail had to be covered in total darkness.

Challenging conditions indeed! Luckily there were no slips, trips or falls recorded here but torches were really essential.  Jack the Ripper, Handshake & Wee Willie, who were walking the runners trail, had no joy finding the chalk back to the bucket after the ball breaker check back and ended up going back the way they had come in (ouch!) to make it back home in the time of 120 minutes. Wee Willie said his fit biz registered 16,000 walking steps for their efforts.

Friendships can be forged in the middle of adversity and I have been reliably informed that Jack & Handshake now have an invitation to Wee Willie’s daughter’s wedding in two weeks’ time!  The Austrian Club has some interesting beers from Salzburg on tap. Stiegl (means steps in English) and Erdinger (a wheat beer) and, in my opinion, both tasted pretty good.  When it comes to food, this Club is not too big on options for meals. The choice was chicken schnitzel and apple strudel and that was about it. Judging by the empty plates afterwards the schnitzel/strudel certainly went down well.  Our Commander & Chief Maximus Brock was away catching up on some well-deserved R & R so Your Choice stood in to rally the troops for the down downs which were given to:
 The Hares Little Shit and Goon Show
 A second down to Little Shit (not really sure why?)

Pee Dub stood up and told a joke about studying law and screwing people. Kitty had one about vets and dogs and Sheep Dip had one about prostitutes.

The Sick List

  • Benny the Swedehad his Hamstring re-attached in day surgery & is now home on crutches rehabilitating & soon to be back competing with the runners
  • Fox Face has started chemotherapy treatment for Multiple Myeloma (blood cancer) and will be in and out of hospital for the next 30 weeks At this stage Roger prefers any contact to be by way of Text (0414 646 525) or Email ( rather than phone calls.

The Good News
Jungle Jim informed me that he has completed the long walkers trail for two weeks in a row now. Last week was the first time that he had attempted the hash trails since his health issues began. (You can’t keep a good Hashman down for too long, Go Jungle!).
Darwin Don is pretty much okay now. He still has shoulder issues which bugger up his sleeping patterns but his GP and Specialist are well on the case.

Next Week’s Run
The run will be starting from the Macquarie Uni sports field. Enter from Culloden Rd, go across the M2, and park next to the tennis centre (on the right hand side after entry). The hares are Plunger and Slick who said that the run will be a mystical maze of mayhem in beaut hashing territory. The OnOn is still to be finalised.



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