Run No. 2624 -3rd October 2017

Slick’s Unleaded Run Report

Well Gentlemen it’s certainly been a week of endings and beginnings.

  • The 50 yr celebration week ended! (and what a week that was)
  • The NRL & AFL footy seasons ended.
  • The old committee stood aside and the new boys kicked off.
  • Hugh Hefner died and went to Playboy Heaven. (or did he go the other way?)

So this week’s run number 2624 began and ended at the Terry Hills Tavern. The Hares were Druid and Duckweave but before I go into details of just how the run progressed I’d like to begin with an understanding of just what our hares hash handles mean and the logic that went into naming them so.

  • Druid meaning;         a pre-Christian religious devotee.
    logic;                Bill was given this name due to spending his early formative                           years in a part of England well known for its rich ancestry in                         pagan worship.
  • Duck meaning          to lower one’s head quickly in order to avoid collision with a                                 foreign object
    Weave meaning          to move from side to side whilst still maintaining forward
    logic                 In his younger years John had a very fast and efficient style of                              running along Hash trails hence the name.

Our hares had some unusual tales to tell of coming across snakes and wallabies whilst setting this trail and also meeting a couple with a pet dingo named Kimba who provided helpful local knowledge about trails in this area.

Armed with this local knowledge the hares assured the group that there would be a good percentage of “virgin territory” to be covered on this trail with the run being 6.1km and the walk 4.5km long with a few good hills in the mix.

Even though he helped set the run Druid could not be with us tonight because he had a previous engagement. (a boring old strata meeting).

A variation in marking for tonight’s run meant that pink ribbons were used to mark certain sections of the trail. Duckweave assured the group that this had nothing to do with voting yes on the Gay Marriage postal form and Druid had previously stated that the ribbons were not used to point out where sacrificial virgins had been buried after ritual slaughter!

Now, helped with this vital information, a pack of 30 plus Hashmen set off from the Tavern with Plunger as the Trail Master. According to the walkers their trail went smoothly without too much confusion but the runners had a different story to tell. Apparently they missed the left turn into the Larool Trail, continued further up Alumuna St and down a different trail before finding the chalk (pink ribbons) again in the Neverfail Gully. From here it was a fairly straightforward run, minus check backs & checks, back to the bucket.

Sadly nobody saw any naked virgins performing ritual dances around campfires (were the Druids really into that sort of stuff?). There were no stone alters erected to give offerings to the Gods but there was a certain amount of ducking and weaving required to make your way along the trail.

After 55 minutes the first runners back to the bucket were Music Man and Plunger followed closely by Cinders with the walkers coming in roughly 20 minutes later. Strangely due to some mix up in communication we had a bucket tonight but no stainless steel mugs until Your Choice saved the day by bringing along some plastic cups. This spared us from viewing the somewhat unpleasant sight of Hashmen bent over, arse up head down, drinking from the bucket tap as per water bubbler style.

Run No 2624 walkers track Run No 2624 runners track

Thoughts were now moving from the bucket to the evening meal so looking around and seeing a full car park on a Tuesday night is a sure sign that the Terry Hills Tavern must be a pretty good place to have a feed.

There was no sacrificial lamb, or duck for that matter on the menu here just good old fashioned Aussie pub food and, if you knew what to order, plenty of it.

After the meal Brock gave down downs to;

  • the hare Duckweave
  • Hanoi Bill & Major Disaster because they missed out on the 50 yr celebrations
  • Your Choice because he put such a huge effort into the 50 yr celebrations

Wee Willie now told a joke about the difference between a good year and a great year and Jack the Ripper had one about a 5 year old learning the difference between Labour & Liberal Party Policy.

The Hospital List

Darwin Don is currently in the Prince of Wales with a bad shoulder (old war injury).

Terry Morrow suffered a stroke 6 weeks ago down in Tassie which has been further complicated by a bad dose of the flu.

Bennie the Swede is having surgery on his hamstring.

Next Week’s Run will be at the Austrian Club 20 Grattan Cres, Frenchs Forest. The Hares are Little Shit (he’s promised 1km of virgin trail for this run) and Goon Show who said that if you thought this week’s run was tough then don’t bother showing up next week!



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