Run No. 2623 -25th September 2017

Hare: Handshake – ably assisted by Scotsman, Jungle and a team

Hunters Hill Sailing Club

On a spring day that started out picture perfect, became overcast, and finished with a beautiful sunset 190 Hash men and women gathered at the Hunters Hill Sailing Club in Woolwich for the final event of the Sydney Hash 50-year celebrations.

After a brief 200m walk from the rego area down to the Deckhouse wharf, our vessel, The Royale, Commandeered by Handshake was just pulling up alongside. Once everyone was on board, apart from a few who were over at Woolwich wharf, the Hash Cruiser set forth.




The first stop on this Hash odyssey was the

Thames St Wharf where the bulk of the Hashers alighted from the ferry to partake in trails through the Streets of Balmain, guidance being given by Trail Master White Shit with assistance from Flying Scotsman, Moishe and Plunger. Molly Meldrum was particularly resplendent, decked out in traditional Hash clothing including top hat, shorts and long soxes, providing short cut advice to those who wanted it before ending up over at the Darling St Wharf, ready to board the Hash Cruiser for more mischief, mayhem and adventure.

Once back on board our ferry took us across to Walsh Bay where once again walkers and runners were dropped off for a trail across the Harbour Bridge. Hashers who stayed on-board were treated to the ungainly sight of people doing their best to navigate their way around the decks of the vessel whilst the swell in the harbour was starting to pick up. This became more challenging with extra drinks consumed until the vessel found calmer waters over by the Botanical Gardens/Opera House where she idled until the walkers/runners were ready for pick up over at the Jeffrey St Wharf Milsons Pt.

Once back on board there was a relaxing cruise back up the harbour and around Cockatoo Island with drinks and a few prawns to replenish the energy stocks before the Hash Cruiser once again pulled up alongside the deckhouse wharf where our merry band of hashers made their way back to the bucket.

The bucket soon saw the hordes refilled with drinks and enjoying the humour and nominations from Tic Toc.  Wine and beer flowed freely to accompany the laughter and friendship, until the throng was chased in for dinner.

With the bucket activities over Hashers were now treated to Indian curries, Nan and Pappadams organised and served up by Grape Ape and his loyal band of helpers in the hall of the Hunters Hill Sailing Club before the evening’s entertainment began.

Harriettes Klangers and Hell Raiser performed an interesting striptease of hash tee shirts down thru the ages and after a slow start to proceedings due to a pesky sound system, why do they always play up, Posh Tenors with golden hats did a somewhat unusual rendition of the 50 year old James Bond movie theme Goldfinger Entitled “Gold Hasher” the man with the Midas touch…

President Brock then gave a State of the Union address and introduced members of the 50yr committee Jungle Jim, White Shit, Music Man, Handshake, Your Choice, Fox Face and Tic Toc whose hard work, dedication and planning made the whole week such a success.

Now it was time for the enormous 50 year celebration cake to be carried out on stage. This proved to be a tricky business requiring two attempts before the cake made it out due some fumbling follies that caused it to topple over backwards on the 1st attempt.

It was plain to see that there was a hidden surprise inside this huge cake, so with bated breath the audience waited to see just who (or what) was coming out, a naked young lady perhaps (in your dreams), Darwin Don (the naked lady sounds better) but no it was Captain Knockers looking none the worse for wear from the earlier cake accident. This now signalled an end to the night’s entertainment.

Judging by the comments people were making whilst leaving the venue this eclectic band of Hash travellers from near and far had a great day out and enjoyed themselves immensely. So many Hash men helped out on the day with everything from loading/unloading the drink truck, manning the rego desk and the bucket, setting trails, putting up banners, setting up tables at the venue, serving food/drinks they are just too numerous to mention here. So please, you know who you are, hold your heads up high and take pride in a job well done.

On On Slick

Thanks to Ace for pics with a different perspective


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