Run No. 2622 -23rd September 2017

Hare: Music Man – ably assisted by Tito

Manly Yacht Club

The brilliant sun shone down on Music Man as the team set up the registration and drinks station outside the Manly Yacht Club. It was going to be a Cracker. The Thai division arrived and set up their cooking and serving area as the first punters pulled in. And they kept coming, filling the lawn between the Skiff and Yacht clubs with cheer, stories and the Spirit of Hashing.

At 1pm MM call them in and off we went, up Stuart and into familiar Manly territory. Getting down to Little Manly beach PeeDub called – “this way boys, it misses all those beautiful bodies on the beach, and keeps us on the road” – shame on you!

Up off the beach, the scenic loop around the gas works and goodbye to the short walkers –Molly directing. The rest of the pack, now strung out headed down to Collins flats and missed treading on the famous fairy penguins.

From here it can only be up, and it was the all too familiar haul up police college hill to the old barracks on North Head. The walkers cut across to blue fish while the runners headed past the parade ground. Ayatollah and Sparks kept them honest, with just the dust from Moishe and the Scotsman lingering in the air.









The hare was kind as the day heated up and brought us down to the ANZAC walk out of the army grounds. Heading past the pumping station Melissa kept me entertained while we ducked down the trail to Shelly Beach.


From there it was the congested, famous Shelly to Manly walk. The new sea nymphs standing proud and on past the surf club with Duckweave ensuring nobody got lost. Returning to the club, the drinks were flowing, the Cashew Chicken and Pad Suwee was served and the 227 Hash folk were smiling. This was why we go through it all, a wonderful celebration of hashing. 

Tic Toc, with Grizzly and MM, gathered the horde and down downs, songs and t-shirt swapping continued. The group from the Royal Selengor club, managed to strip Music, Hellraiser, Tic Toc and Maximus of there t-shirts (some one-off collectibles in the mix), delving into a supply of shirts and skirts from their home hash to continue their proud tradition.  Mr FOES showed his sailing skills (lack of) and once again gate crashed the party (F-O-E-S). Your stand in scribe at this stage was finished, so it was pack up and On On. WS

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