Run No. 2618 – 28th August 2017

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Once again a large pack turned up for this the second last penultimate run of this Committee with Ayatollah haring and Jock the Sock lurking in the background abrogating  responsibility at every opportunity. A cold night tonight; this was enough to keep Darwin Don and his (cold) shoulder at home in front of the telly.
The Bucket dwellers had heard that someone had planted themselves at the restaurant – the likely suspect being French Connection, so Bunny Trapper and the Hare quickly took tonight’s wine and beer to said establishment to no avail but Bunny stayed (and “guarded” the wine?) – Frenchie turned up late(r) and went to keep Bunny and the wine company.
Trail managed to spread itself all over Crows Nest, Nth Sydney, Cammeray and Naremburn with the runners as usual trying to add other surrounding suburbs as well. Copra was the first of the walkers back, (from the wrong direction) and exhausted, promptly sat down on the council provided chaise with a beer. At 7.40 the Hare was starting to worry about the trail length but then suddenly after 8.5kms Smiley led the runners in. Yep Smiley – can’t understand what went wrong there. There was all sorts of discussion at the Bucket about which lane trail did or didn’t go up, who found it or not and who did or didn’t call. As always you know who the culprits would be – Little Shit maybe? What’s more he had all of the answers, most of which were wrong so he was not impressed, but Ayatollah was stoked?? Visitor from the Larrikins, Bren Gun admitted to carrying “bus money” in case he got lost and needed a cab – cripes the guy has lived in Nth Sydney most of his life so oughta know where he is.
We adjourned to the On venue – an untried (by us) Spanish restaurant which is great for a little change of diet. The plebs jammed themselves into the main dining room whilst the Hares and the snobs seated themselves in the foyer. We shared large platters of paella – really the owner dish out portions so the animals wouldn’t scoff the lot. Although quite tasty I’m surprised there weren’t whinges about the value. Oh and there were churros with chocolate dip.
The announcements were made a little difficult by the split rooms but so long as the JM’s kept the beers coming things worked. The Hares were regaled for a great summer run – in Crowie???? Then proceedings came to a halt because Kitty Litter complained, that as a poor deaf bastard, he couldn’t hear over the music – fixed! Bren Gun, as a visitor, received a beer before Wee Willy was punished for using Google Maps on his phone to get back to the Bucket – and he lives local too! Then, a thank you drink to Ramez the Indian owner of the Spanish restaurant we were in. Finally, Kitty who was sporting mammoth chest bruising from when he undershot whilst hurdling an Armco fence (that’s probably what made him deaf too). The nurses at the RNSH had reported it to the cops because they thought it was domestic violence -baseball bat?
Pee Dub had scampered so it was Wee Willy humour to the rescue – DELETE. Tic Toc really tried to save the day with a priest’s hairdryer but I think things were too far gone.

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