Run No. 2617 – 21st August 2017

More Manly Meanderings

This was a test run for the 50th Anniversary event next month. The first thing I got out of it was that if you intend to take your car- DON’T. After 20 mins of driving around every street in the vicinity, even into Manly and over to Little Manly trying to find a park,  I opted to park in the spastic spot out front of the club to go find Superglue and ask him to second for me because I was about to head home. Luckily, Molly spotted a family about to flee so I was able to jam the truck into a motorcycle size parking spot. If you think Saturday in that area will be any better you are badly misinformed.

Trails in this part of the world pretty much cover all the same territory as have previous international events Sydney Hashes have conducted in this area – Little Manly, Collins Beach, Spring Cove, Quarantine Station, North Head, St Patrick’s College, Shelley Beach and a jaunt along Marine Parade to Fairy Bower. The TM had no idea where trail was going because he just joined in with the runners and followed them. Pee Dub had the “short” map so the real walkers were left to their own devices for the 7.4kms. Fox Face arrived late so had to be content with spending 45 mins on trail socialising with Centre Point and Pee Dub. E-Shit turned up at the Bucket in a full “cammo” outfit but it surely didn’t work because he stood out like dog’s balls – more on that later.

Tonight’s On was in the Manly 16Ft Skiff Club (not quite another trial run as we are using the Yachties next door for the 50th )  and the place was really hopping. Thank goodness we had our own room. As has happened before a number of hashers ordered their meal before being told Copra was coordinating the order – with the fare being a $10 steak. Some, including a certain butcher, were heard to pronounce it as the best steak they’d ever had – the best $10 steak maybe but far from the best steak. Others had fish so were not in a position to comment. By the way Jack the Ripper wore his hi-viz to dinner so he also stood out like dog’s balls.

Because he had to go to meet his dope growing cousin from Griffith, Pee Dub started the humour before our mash – it was an autobiography. Wee Willy gave us some reverse psychology and Tic Toc was telling jokes in private tonight.
Downs tonight for Hares “Mr How good is this” Music Man, and Maximus Minimus, also Hanoi Bill, not to commemorate his burnt down Commodore but to wish him well for his (muff) diving trip to Mauritius. Then we had the “Dickhead Down” to a Gomer Pyle-looking E-Shit who also tried to spew forth with some woeful humour before being shouted down and donating his rag-bag of hash gear to 777.

On On

OUT and ABOUT- Anonymous Fake News

Smiley and Handshake have decided that it’s more important to go sailing at Hamilton Island than spend time joining with the Hash on the Monday runs…….this is normal for Smiley, and we understand he needs somebody that knows something about yachts and sailing to show him what to do, but for one of our new members who is only settling in to his new name it’s a bit much. Ordinarily Smiley would have imposed on somebody who is an Mb (Master of Bandages).
It was a courageous gesture by ‘Shake to spend a week with Smiley.
‘Shake even went to Target for a new set of underwear so as not to be upstaged during those stressful moments hauling in the sheets.
Anyway, they have arranged to get back to Sydney next Tuesday, missing yet another run and the British car day at Kings School on Sunday. Some people?


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