Run 2390 – 22nd April 2013

Tall White Master & His South African Man Servant
Serve it Up at Hunters Hill

“The Moon Shines on the Righteous”…or at least it does with POSHmen on clear winter nights. Mind you I’m not sure that includes the hares, …but what the heck ..…Why not include them as well….but only just this once! (more…)

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Run 2388 – 8th Apr 2013

Kitty “Litters” Himself with Captain Bligh’s Commands
The Master Commander & the Rat Catcher rowed ashore from their good ship The Bounty to set the mutineering rabble a shore run with the finest of views of that safest of harbours, in the heart of Sydney town. (more…)

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Run 2385 – 18th Mar 2013

Darwin Don and his Cecil B. DeMille’s Cast of Thousands

A call to arms a few days before the Big Night brought out long lost hashmen from the woodwork of the lower north shore. It was weird to see them in Terrey Hills, so far from Moocher HQ. (more…)

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Run 2384 – 11th Mar 2013

The Alchemy of Sheep Dips & Maximus at Deep Creek
‘An Apology’
This apology is not in any way, nor should be confused with the word “SORRY”
I learned these weasel words from Jackboot Johnny Howard, way back when so we could avoid any form of libel and subsequent financial settlement with the other male ‘brethren’ down at Deep Creek last Monday night!
So this is to apologise to all those “horny” young and middled old aged men who like to cruise and meet others of the same persuasion down at Deep Creek ‘per chance’ that they may fall into manly love…whatever that means. Well that was made pretty damn obvious by the graffiti in the male toilet wall…..”Cock Sucking at 3pm daily…Don’t be late! (more…)

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Run 2383 – 4th Mar 2013

The Gaulish Music Man Plays with Your Choices
Definition of Music Man
A highly exercised, multi tasking, music purveying, guitar strumming, key board tinkling, (well more like finger power key board walking), self acclaimed lyricist and vocal “On-On” calling hashman (more…)

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