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RUN:       2696

Hares  Flying Scotsman, Goonshow and Little Shit

Back to the Model Aeroplane Field  off Morgan Road, Belrose for a 

totally different view of that area. 

Thanks to the magic of Trailforks, the Scotsman’s trusty axe and Little 

Shit’s determination to find at least 4 new runs from this excellent 

base, you will be amazed and confused.  Warning these boys have scored Run of the Year before and they are already in the running for this year, youse need arse into gear to beat them !

Bring your all-wheel drives.

And celebrate that day 40 years ago in 1979 (actually the 19th Feb) when 

Goonshow first entered the world of Hashing in Hong Kong, with the run 

rained-off thanks to a typhoon.

ON ON:     On site

Bring Dilly Bags, phone, torch, etc