Run 2285 – 11th April 2011

Deep Inside Nomadic East Woods, Deep Fried Veggie Chicken Bones

It was surprising to many who haven’t ventured out this far in recent times to see how Eastwood has been turned into a satellite suburb of Chinatown. A surprising number of Poshmen took off from the carpark in the evening gloom to venture into this new little Asia, containing countless Asian restaurants, street food vendors, and masses of young Asians wandering Rowe Street preparing to dine out. After leaving the bright lights of Rowe Street we were soon into the land of apartments with the same exotic food aromas drifting from their kitchens. It was an epic bitumen bash through Epping and Marsfield with runners and walkers spread out along the same trail. Eventually at the divergence of Runners and Walkers trails Grape stood at the intersection persuading gullible walkers to take the Runners route claiming the walkers track was too short. After reaching Epping Road we eventually got off the bitumen and into Pembroke Park before finding more bitumen and many falsies again. However by this time the trail markings were becoming harder to find, many placed in the shadows between lamp posts or not at all, until the TM took over and made it a live hare run, marking the trail himself to keep the pack together. By then the walkers were feeling the pain as the run (walk) extended to 1½ hours and 7.8 kms. Happily we eventually found the On Home a full kilometre from home.

About 50 members attended the On On at the Eastwood Star BBQ restaurant. The food was obviously chosen by co-hare Veggie as it was basically a 4 course veggie meal with only one meat dish of marinated chicken bones providing relief. Quantity was adequate, but variety was certainly not in most peoples minds.

Jock the Sock stood in as MC for our missing President, providing down downs for hares Nomadic Notary and Veggie, and to the restaurant hostess Eileen. Jock also filled in for her as she didn’t drink. Long-time absentee Tweety Pie appeared in non-hash gear and was given a down down, and got his just desserts for his absence by being drawn out of the barrel to set a run in the next few weeks. Humour came from Gen. De Gaulle, Pee Dub, Tic Toc, Mash and Frenchie. Lightning produced a wooden board with giant bristles, made by E-Shit, presumably on which to hang his equine saddles, while E-Shit proudly showed a smaller phallic-like version he’d made up as a template.

Google Earth : Run 2285

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